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Top Fitness Wear for Women By Akshara Ramakrishnan

Best Fitness Wear

Before you choose your Top Fitness wear for Women just go through these FAQs and it may help you to choose better. As you scroll down we have some fitness wear selected for you and if you like them then please tell us in our comments

Frequently Asked Questions:

1)  What are the different types of Top Fitness wear?

Activity wear can be simply classified into :

– High Waisted Legging

– Capris

– Shorts                                   

Make sure you choose the best that fits you & which will make you feel more comfortable.

High waisted leggings:

One of the best match to long line sports bras & cropped top. It can not only give you a classic look but also can give you the best comfort & easy flexible move. Choosing the right fabric is what all matters.

Cropped Leggings:

Cropped leggings hit a couple of inches above the ankle, whereas Capris are between your knee & mid-calf. Capris are not a really good choice for workout from a functional point, as it may lower the circulation of your legs.


Very comfortable with wind resistance. Wearing shorts can help to reduce muscle soreness & fatigue during & after a workout. Muscles cannot perform without oxygen. Compression garments are designed to increase the amount of oxygen that they receive according to a publication by Research Gate.

2) How does Fitness wear makes a difference?

It Improves your mental & physical performance. Clothes should not affect your range of motion and flexibility. It should also boost your Confidence

3) Should my clothes be tight or loose?

You should wear clothes that are comfortable for you. According to your body type. Don’t wear too tight or loose! Make sure the clothes you wear are breathable, stretchable & of the right fabric which is flexible with the right waistband fitting. Some clothes are too tight around the hips, try to avoid such clothes.

4) How about the cost & durability?

The average cost for activity wear is from 1000/ – 2000/-. The quality & the material which will play an important role that will make the activity wear last long

5) What fabrics should we choose on different seasons while choosing Top Fitness wear?

Hot weather:

During summer months, be sure to choose fabrics that allow your skin to breathe and wick sweat away. Make sure to be dressed in clothes that are cool and comfortable, which will allow you to move freely, like crop tops, light colours, sleeveless, shorts.

Cold weather:

When it’s very cold outside, you’ll need to dress warmly, but keep in mind that you’ll be exercising and boosting your heart rate and your body temperature, Try to dress in layers & can wear hoodie tops.

Wet or windy weather:

Outdoor workouts get ruined if they get wet in rain or if its too windy and ur clothes don’t give you sufficient protect from wind. Wearing waterproof or dry-fit athletic, shorts, moisture-wicking fabric will be the best choice & even Wear an outer layer that protects your skin from the elements.

6) What are the properties of different Materials used in making of your Top Fitness wear for women?


Most of us love to use cotton because it feels comfortable for our body. Cotton can hold moisture and on the another side natural fibre like cotton hold & absorb sweat, but then the fabric will get wet & heavy, which is why it takes a longer time to dry, so due to this reason most of the people may drop the idea of buying.However if you are doing Yoga then cotton is the no 1 choice and make sure they are loose.


One of the inexpensive fabric, which can be recycled & it’s durable.Where it has low moisture absorbency. Polyester will not shrink when washed, so it holds shape better than, unlike other fabric.

3. NYLON:-

One of the most strong & even abrasion-resistant fabric when compared to polyester.Nylon has low moisture absorbency & it has quick-dry properties.Nylon lasts long, which makes it more durable.


Bamboo is great! It feels cool, comfortable & very soft. It has natural moisture-wicking properties. It will keep you cool I’m summer & warm in winter. Bamboo is more expensive but has more Luxurious feel.

5. WOOL:

Wool is a natural fibre. Which is all time durable. Wool is a cold-weather fabric that keeps you warm and can be used for outdoor workouts and when you go for an early morning run. Its advisable to wear a cotton t shirt below your wool.Top

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Conclusion: We have segregated the Top Fitness wear for Women based on price now its your job to choose the right fit, Brand and style based on your Body Type and Activities. Now that You are all set With your Fitness Wear its time to Buy a Nice Yoga mat. So Click here for Top 5 Best Yoga Mats for Fitness and Yoga Practices. Good luck !

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