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Top 8 Best body Fat Analysers in India 2020

Top 8 best body fat analysers in India 2020intro:  Body Fat Analysers or Body Fat Scales are machines that help people track their body fat composition quickly and easily. The tool measures both, the body weight as well as the estimated body fat percentage. 

While working for a healthy body, it is important to exercise regularly and to maintain a healthy diet. But when the scale does not show a difference and all the exercising goes in vain, it may be time to check the body fat.

 It is also important to have a healthy fat-to-muscle ratio even when one does not wish to lose weight. Body Fat Analysers help to know whether the efforts made are working positively or not. Here is the list of the top 8 best Body Fat analysers in India 2020

How do the Body Fat Analysers work-

Body Fat Analysers work by sending electronic impulses throughout the body and give an idea of the body’s composition. The faster the pulses travel, the lower the fat content. To get the best results one must ensure the given conditions within 2 hours of the test as it might deviate the results.

  • Avoid taking a shower before the test.
  • Avoid drinking a large amount of water before the test.
  • Avoid eating heavy meals as it can fill the body with extra mass.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol prior to the test.

When health is considered, it is important to know not only the correct weight but also the correct composition of every nutrient and mineral in our body. If the fat content is higher, there are high risks for heart attacks due to too much build-up of cholesterol. 

Therefore, it is important to check the fat composition. Body Fat Analysers are not completely correct but they are a good option to measure the fat in-between visits to a doctor. 

Choosing the best out of many is important because, the better the scale, the better will be the results. Here are some parameters on the basis of which one must select the best-suited choice.

  • Display- The product must have a clear display so the measurements can be read accurately. The words so written must be clear and understandable so that any person can be free to use it. Some analyzers also have internet connectivity so that it is always easy for the buyer to know his or her current measurements.
  • Data- It is important that the data which comes, as a result, is correct, and if the machine answers too quickly it may be deduced that the machine is not working properly. Also if the machine shows the same data for different users, there is just no use.
  • Options available- The options here refer to the metrics or parameters of the body like BMI, BMR, water content, fat analysis, etc. 
  • Instructions- The instructions and precautions required to handle the machine and ensure its long term durability must be clearly mentioned. It is important that the user should have a manual in hand before using the machine.
  • Indications- The controls must be proper and demarcated adjacent to the buttons on the machine.
  • Maintenance- People are less likely to buy high maintenance machines. The machine should be easy to clean and maintain so that people can save time together by getting good results.
  • ‘Weight only’ option- It would be a cherry on the cake if the machine comes with a ‘weight only’ option, i.e., it gives the user a choice to measure his weight only. It would reduce the responsibility to keep two separate machines, one to measure weight and others to measure body fat.

Here are theTop 8 best body fat analysers

1. OMRON HBF-214 body composition monitor

No 1 on the list is Omron is a very reliable brand when it comes to medical instruments for home. The Omron body fat analyzer offers a unique monitoring report detailing the body weight, body fat, and Basal metabolic rate which directly indicates the body healthiness quotient.” 

This is suitable for those who have a busy lifestyle and cannot go to the medical centers for a blood test. It has a scratch-proof LCD display that can detect a flat footing surface against an inclined one. It has body sensors installed in its circuit and can be used in all temperatures.

2. RENPHO Smart Body Fat Scales

No 2 on the list is the RENPHO Smart Body Fat Scale has a wide variety of features. It can keep track of multiple users. It also has a Bluetooth connection facility so it is easy to keep reading on the mobile phone itself. 

It measures weight, bone mass, water, lean body weight, and much more. It can provide the weight in both ‘kg’ and ‘lbs’.

3. Actofit Body Fat Analyser Smart Scale

No 3 on the list is This body fat analyser which measures body compositions such as muscle mass, fat, bone mass, protein, body mass index, physique rating, etc. It is compatible with all devices and has easy Bluetooth connectivity.

4. Charge Zero 6-in-1 Automatic Body Composition Scale

No 4 on the list is Charge zero 6-1 auto.As the name suggests, this body scale has a unique battery-free technology. It is built such that it can give precise weight each time you use it. The value of money so invested is received to a good extent.

5. Lifetrons Smart Body Composition Digital Weighing Scale

No 5 on the list is Lifetrons .The most important feature of this scale is that it generates a detailed PDF report and in login, a user can measure for 10 different people and create detailed PDF reports for each. 

This scale also has an app that helps the user to set, monitor, and track a self diet plan. Data related to food is also available and the app also sends meal notifications.

6. ActiveX Savvy Smart Digital Body Fat Scale with App

Just like any other scale this No. 6 scale also helps determine many metrics. This scale comes with a free ActiveX app that tracks 13 important body parameters. 

The app is loaded with multiple features and is easy to download from Google Play Store or Apple Store. It allows us to share data so it is easy for one to tell their trainers or nutritionists or doctors and get suggestions. 


7. PowerMax Fitness Bluetooth Body Fat scales

No 7 on the list is Power max. It accurately measures the 13 key compositions which are required to check the healthiness ratio. The maximum user weight capacity is 180 kgs or 396lbs. 

It also consists of an app that has a number of features in it.

8. Healthgenie Body Fat Analyser

No 8 on the list is healthgenie. It measures the body parameters for 12 users and can handle the weight of up to 180kgs. It has the auto on and off feature in it with STEP ON technology. It is powered by 2 AAA batteries for long usage.

This concludes our review of the top 8 best body fat analysers in India for the year 2020.To remain healthy it is important to know the composition of nutrients in our body. It is not enough to lose weight only. 

With the body fat analyzers, one can easily know if the efforts which he or she is making are useful or not. With all data at hand, one can easily compare results and work out accordingly.Also check out our Best Health Mix Selection

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