top 7 best natural health mix

Top 7 Best Natural Health Mix

Top 7 Best Natural Health Mix

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Top 7  Best Natural Health Mix on Amazon.in 

A natural health mix which you can easily find on Amazon.in of the best quality, is organic and sustainable.

In addition, a natural health mix is derived from a mixture of multiple grains, herbs, and other healthy ingredients. Resulting in the making of a healthy body with high protein, healthy and necessary fats and enriching fibres.

This is possible through the consumption of a natural health mix. Similarly, a healthy body automatically generates a healthy spirit, soul, mind, and body. Therefore, it is our responsibility to look after our health. 

And an exceptionally important factor that contributes to our overall health is what we eat.

 That refers to our diet. Our intake. For instance, our intake of natural health mix makes us strong.

Therefore, above all, we must make our body strong by consuming natural health mix.

What is health?

It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver, as rightly said by Mahatma Gandhi.

Health is also the greatest form of wealth. However, it is unfortunate that we do not prioritise our own health and well being until an illness takes over. A healthy body automatically generates a healthy spirit, soul, mind, and body.

Therefore it is our responsibility to look after our health, and an exceptionally important factor that contributes to our overall health is what we eat, that is our diet.

What is immunity?

Immunity means the quality of a person to resist any infection, toxins and diseases.

In this pandemic, it is extremely important to build a strong immunity system to be able to remain healthy and unaffected by the spread of diseases.

Now, in this modern era, we have managed to become influenced by the Western way of life. This means that we have modernized our society and ourselves by consuming processed and unhealthy foods and forgetting what lies in our country itself. And it is quite regrettable.

In our own country, India, we traditionally have always believed in nature and naturally obtained organic products.

Here is where a natural health mix comes in. It is derived from a mixture of multiple grains, herbs, and other healthy ingredients.

It makes up a healthy body with high protein, healthy and necessary fats and enriching fibres.

So, here’s a list of top 7 best natural health mix to make you stronger and healthier that you can find on Amazon.in that will help you boost your immunity.

1. Instant Sanjeevini Multigrain Health Mix

Sanjeevini’s instant health mix is our top choice among other health mixes on our list of 7 top natural health mixes.

Sanjeevani  is made up of 100% natural multigrain mix consisting of ingredients such as Pearl millet (Bajra), Sorghum millet (Jowar), Finger millet (Ragi), fried gram, wheat, green gram, soya, cloves, dry ginger, groundnut etc.

It is one of the best health mixes that one can choose to go for.

Sanjeevani can be prepared instantly and can easily be carried on the go. It is rich in minerals, vitamins, and promotes a healthy development of the body as it is free of preservatives and additives.

It has a shelf life is of a good time period of 12 months, which is indeed a great factor.

This mix strengthens the immune system efficiently as well.

Its ingredients are known to improve digestion, boost immunity by fighting against radicals and as we are aware, bajra is known to be rich in magnesium.

This mix also has potassium which makes the blood flow easily through the body and to the heart, regulating blood pressure levels and reducing cholesterol levels.

This health mix can be consumed by all age groups and is suitable to almost everyone.

In order to build a strong immune system, this product is definitely recommended.

You can find it by tapping on the link Isha life


2. Manna Multigrains Natural Health Mix

Second on the list of our top 7 natural health mixes is Manna Multigrains Health & Nutrition Mix. This natural health mix is 100% natural and free of all preservatives and colours.

Manna health mix is definitely as natural and organic as a product can be. 

With the goodness of over fourteen natural ingredients and a combination of pulses, nuts, and cereals such as ragi, bajra, corn, jowar, green gram, barley, cashew and groundnuts, this multigrain mix is rich in protein, dietary fibre etc.

And this mix is also a source of iron to strengthen your immune system. A strong immunity is a must to fight against all illnesses and the antioxidants and magnesium in the health mix ensures that.

This mix is also suitable for all age groups from children to adults to old people.

Additionally, it can be used in many recipes including to make natural mix healthy biscuits and traditional Indian sweets as well.

And of course, one can always get creative and develop edible creations and using this health mix, it is guaranteed that it will turn out to be extremely filling and flavourful if made correctly. 

3. M.R. Healthy Eats Natural & Organic Porridge Health Mix

Up next, ranked number 3 out of the top, best natural health mixes is this highly nutritious multigrain porridge that is full of essential proteins, fibres, vitamins, iron, calcium, and other vital sources of energy. It is homemade with utmost care to health and nutrition.

This mix is sugar-free as well as cholesterol-free, preservatives and artificial colours.

It contains a high quantity of complex carbohydrates which means that unlike simple carbohydrates, these complex carbs are slow to digest and hence, energy of a consumer lasts through the day.

The ingredients such as elaichi, sabudana, ragi, wheat, badam or almonds, red rice, green gram etc. are also roasted in such a way that upon grinding, they are sure to prevent indigestion.

This mix can be consumed by everyone from children to adults to old age people as it is suitable for people even with diabetes.

It can be consumed at any time of the day and it is extremely filling and delicious at the same time. Find it on Amazon.in right away!

4. Vayam Health Mix Powder (100% Natural)

Our top 4th health mix on the list of top 7 best natural health mixes is this one-

Vayam, the brand, brings to you, the perfect blend of millets, cereals, pulses, whole grains and proteins, making it an enriching mix full of dietary fibres and iron.

With the goodness of 23 potent ingredients such as barley, sago, barnyard millet, kodo millet, bengal gram, black kavuni, roasted gram, walnut, cardamom, pistachio, almonds and cashews, it makes for a perfectly health mix.

This mix can be mixed with hot water, milk and jaggery to serve a piping hot, flavoursome yet healthy drink.

If you are avoiding sugar or are diabetic, it is suggested to replace the above mentioned process with buttermilk and salt as additional ingredients.

This health mix is also made in extremely hygienic conditions making it the best in quality as well. It is easy to prepare and can be consumed on the go.

It is important to note that it is free of preservatives, added colours or synthetic colours. Hence, it has a shelf life of three months which is impressive considering the lack of harmful preservatives, ensuring that they only deliver freshly prepared health mix.

5. Arya Farm Certified Organic Health Mix

Number 5 on our list of the top 7 health mixes is this combination of ragi malt and multigrain malt that has health benefits of its own.

Let us look into the ragi malt first. Ragi is a source of high fibre. This makes it fit for diabetic patients as well. It is also gluten free which makes it fit for anyone looking for a lactose free health mix.

This health mix is packed with amino acids to curb your appetite, calcium to increase the strength of your bones, and vitamin D to strengthen your teeth and bones. It also contains organic almond, cashew, cumin seeds, dry green peas, and cloves.

Looking into the multigrain malt, it is extremely rich in protein. With ragi, wheat, soyabean, barley, bajra, green gram, bengal gram, horse gram and all organic nuts, in the ingredient list, it makes for a perfect blend of grains, presenting us with a mix that is high in protein.

It can be consumed at any time of the day and by all age groups. It does not contain any added sugar which is extremely good for any diabetic patients. And it is also free of preservatives.

This Health mix can also be mixed with warm water, milk and jaggery/sugar, or even buttermilk and salt. You can easily find it on Amazon. Make your purchase right away!

6. Supathya Health Mix

Up next we have this particular natural health mix that has seemed to satisfy its customers and consumers to a great extent.

This goes by the names of satt mavu podi, multigrain jawa, porridge and many more. 

The main ingredients such as wheat, ragi, jowar, bajra, maize, chana dal, green gram etc. are separated well, washed thoroughly and made free of impurities. They are then roasted well and finally, they are grounded perfectly along with elaichi.

This multigrain natural health mix is extremely rich in nutrients and vitamins but is low on fats making it a healthy substitute for snacking on unhealthy foods. It is a must have for all fitness enthusiasts.

This is suitable for babies as well since it is extremely easy to digest and is filling at the same time.

At the same time, it is great for adults as it is nourishing and suitable for ones with limited time on their hands. With one intake of this mix, one will feel energised.

Coming to the elderly, this natural health mix is homemade and 100% free of preservatives or added sugars or even artificial colours and flavours, making it suitable for all age groups.

This natural health mix also ensures an optimum nutrient intake as it is full of iron, calcium, proteins and nutrients.

Since it is well suited for all age groups starting from kids to adults to the elderly, it caters to the development needs of all age groups. This makes it undoubtedly nourishing and delicious at the same time. You can find  the product on Amazon easily. Shop right away!

7. Little Moppet Foods Sprouted Health Mix

Last on our list of top 7 natural health mixes is little moppet’s natural health mix. This is definitely not the least.

This mix is extremely suitable for kids as well as adults. It contains the goodness of herbs, dry fruits, sprouts, wheat, rice and if you are looking for a vitamin D rich natural health mix, this is the one for you.

Not only that, it also is rich in fibres and minerals. Due to sprouting, nutrients are easily absorbed by the body.

It is a hundred percent homemade. It is also made under the strictest hygienic conditions. This way, you do not have to worry once about the quality of the product. It is free of all preservatives and additional, artificial sugars and salts.

This makes the mix 100% natural. The brand works with lentils and pulses through the sprouting technique.

This ensures that vitamins are packed within the health mix and they are extremely easy to digest at the same time.

This calorie rich health mix is an easy fix to have a power-packed and energised day, even on a busy day with extremely minimal effort.

The traditional pulses and lentils in the modernised flavour through sprouting is nutritious and lip-smacking as well.

You can easily find it on Amazon. Make your purchase right away if this seems like the pick of your choice.

This brings us to the end of our list of top 7 best natural health mixes that you can easily find and purchase on Amazon.in

Now, of course, through this list of natural health mixes, you must have understood the importance of feeding nutritious and nourishing food to your body. 

But we also hope that you will make a purchase of natural health mixes that you think will suit you best.

Thank you for reading our Blog on Top 7 Best Natural Health Mix

Stay strong and build your immunity with our selection of top 7 best natural health mixes. Also checkout our Best Multivitamins for Women.

- Article by Janhvi sharma

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