Top Suspension Trainers

Top 6 Best TRX Suspension Trainers in India 2020

Top Suspension Trainers

Top 6 Suspension Trainers in India

Stuck at home due to quarantine? Are you a diehard workout loving person who can’t visit the gym now? Are you clambering for ways to stay fit? Crank up the heat of your body with these light and efficient equipment. In this blog, the Top 6 Best Suspension Trainers are presented before you. Using these suspension trainers, you can work out at home itself. 

This system also called as TRX suspension training and has become very popular in recent years. Suspension Trainers or commonly called as TRX is excellent for the ones who don’t have much time but still want to get great results. Suspension trainers can be easily stored too. You can grab these from your bag and be working out with them within seconds.

 This  is the best thing you can get to have a truly portable gym. Suspension trainers come in handy when you need to do pull-ups and also rows. Suspension training is a form of functional fitness training that uses straps-based equipment such as TRX, gymnastic rings, or other similar training tools. This high-rate workout would take your heart rate up and your waistline down.

Considering the Top 6 Suspension Trainers given below you can decide which would the best one for you. This article was completed by considering the following aspects:

• Quality
• Length of strap
• Total functionality
• Durability and portability
• Ease of setup and convenience
• Better grip
• Cost efficiency

So go on and check out the best suspension trainers that I have listed below and get one for yourself to increase your physical fitness at home.

No 1: TRX GO Suspension Trainer System:

TRX GO  System is rank No.1 on our list as it is heavy and durable. If you are looking for a high quality product and the price doesn’t matter then this is the best product for you. You might not have heard about suspension trainers before but you would have heard about TRX suspension trainer before.

 TRX is a big brand when it comes to suspension trainers. They provide the best quality product.

Out of the Top 6 Suspension Trainers, this  one is the best.The straps of this model are thinner and weightless, therefore this system is travel-friendly. Don’t worry, they’re strong enough too! This TRX suspension trainer is designed to give you great comfort during your workout.

No 2. WELCARE Suspension Trainer W135:

WELCARE Suspension Trainer W1351 attains the 2nd position among them as its ideal for working on your balance and strengthening your muscles. They are affordable as they don’t cost much.  

It features safe and adjustable cam buckles so that you can adjust the length of the straps to suit different body weights and even specific exercises. 

The quality and versatility of its straps are excellent. The overall simplicity of the design is probably the best thing about these suspension trainers as there are no complicated stitching. They are perfect for exercises at home and work. Its travel-friendly too.

No 3. LET'S PLAY Suspension Trainer:

LET’S PLAY Trainer has reached position No.3 on our list as it allows you to train like the pros. It’s a great piece of exercise equipment to give you the perfect body as you can train your body from so many different angles. They are also sold at a reasonable price. 

If you are just a beginner, then they provide a 35-page full-color TRX Workout Guide. LET’S PLAY Suspension Trainer have a straight forward design too. Many professional Golfers, Fighters and Olympic Swimmers, Runners, and Skiers use this trainer. 

Using this trainer you can work on attaining better flexibility and core stability.

No 4. Viva Fitness Heavy Duty Professional Suspension Training Set:

Viva Fitness Trainer is ranked No. 4 on our list. They have rigid ropes, they look very well made and it also gives you the confidence to release all of your weight on those strings. Viva Fitness Suspension Training Kit was designed to go anywhere you go. 

The trainer cannot be mounted on a wall as they are designed for over-the-door use. The suspension trainer provides everything that is needed for a killer workout. 

They are designed only for indoor uses. This product is ideal for exercises like Hamstring Curl, Suspended Crunch, Balance Lunge, Chest Press.

No 5. Freshdcart Unisex Suspension TRX Body Trainer Exercise Kit:

At rank No.5 comes Freshdcart Suspension Trainer. Although suspension training is known for high-level workouts, this trainer is suitable for beginners to enter the world of fitness. It can hold up to 100 kg easily. 

This trainer has satisfied many customers due to its great quality. One of the excellent features of this suspension trainer is its portability. They aren’t too cheap. 

This trainer helps you work out in the comfort of your home, office, ground, or hotel room during your travel as it was developed to adapt to any workout environment but they aren’t too easy to be carried around as they weigh about 2kg.

No 6. SKYBLUE Fitness Freak Suspension TRX Trainer Basic Kit:

The final one on our list is SKYBLUE Fitness Suspension Trainer. This trainer is so lightweight that you won’t feel that you’re carrying it around. The trainer sets up in 60 seconds and its durable too which makes it the best gym equipment for travelers. 

The product performs better than what can be expected from something that weighs as light as a feather. You can get started instantly as they provide two printed, 20-minute high-intensity workouts. You are going to love this brand too once you start working with it. 

Understand how much pressure your body can handle and accordingly increase or decrease the number of exercises that you perform.


Now that you know the Top 6 best suspension trainers, choose the best one considering your workout plans and fitness goals. 

Always consider your weight and the load the straps can hold before buying them. 

Use the Suspension trainers which gives you a comfortable grip and enough freedom to move your hands and legs in a better way.

Lightweight ones can help you to carry them anywhere you go. 

Highly expensive ones aren’t required as the affordable suspension trainers will also provide you great quality and results. 

Be careful if you have any medical conditions like joint pains, heart conditions, spinal injuries, etc because such workouts are not meant for you. 

You should always know how much your body can handle. 

Now go ahead towards achieving a healthier lifestyle. Also check out Best Body Fat Analysers In India


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