top 10 Running Shoes

Top 10 Best Running Shoes in India (August 2020)

top 10 Running Shoes

Top 10 Running Shoes in India

This Blog is about a comprehensive study and review of the Top Best 10 Running shoes in the Indian market.

A design of the best Running shoe takes into account many factors including the shape of the foot.

When it comes to injury prevention and improvements in training choosing the right shoes is of utmost importance. If your shoes don’t fit you your performance will take a hit and you will also risk Injury. So a careful analysis of the level of running and anatomy of your foot is important before choosing any shoes. So in this blog when we are writing about the best Running shoes we are considering

1: Shoe design

2: Customer review

3: Brand performance

4: Type of activity.

So lets jump into the selection process for different activity.

The cost of running shoes vary based on your experience and duration. If you are a beginner you can choose a shoe only after you try them on and mostly it will be trial and error so to make your life easy we have chosen a range of shoes different price category and in that you can choose the best running shoe which will suit your budget and training. 

Now for intermediate and beginners you will already have an experience as to what your body and foot loves so we will put across a more focussed collection for you to consider. So lets jump into the market and explore

Top 3 Running Shoes for Beginners

These shoes are for people who are running less than 100km per month. The wear and tear is minimal and we can choose some really cool shoes for this category.One more important note for beginners is to focus on their running form and stability of the body and proper transfer of weights to optimise your performance and this also develops great interest when you run. And don’t forget your breathing technique.

No1: Asics Mens Running Shoes

The No 1 on our list is a Shoe which i love simply because of its simplicity. And great comfort and a nice companion for a beginner runner. After you run make sure you leave the shoe to breathe in a nice airy space so it can deodorise. Also clean it with a clean dry cloth before storing it away. It will take the natural shape of your feet gradually so please give it time for you to break in to the shoes

No 2: Nike Mens Running Shoes

The No 2 on our list is another classic from Nike and the comfort this shoes provides is amazing and if you are a Nike lover then this shoes will suit your budget and running perfectly. Make sure you Wash them gently and also store it in a shoe bag if stored for long period of time 

No 3: Puma Nrgy Comet Running Shoes (Unisex)

The No 3 on our list is a shoe whose design is amazing and so is the soft gel padding it has in its sole. Looks very good when you combine it with your casual wear too. If you are choosing white then its high maintenance but there are other colour options in black and grey

Top 4 Running Shoes for Intermediate

These shoes are for people who are running around 100-160km every month,. Its best to go for the best running shoes which is sturdy durable and takes a good shape of your Sole.Its also important to consider the running surface. Is it hard road or muddy trial is something which matters as running on hard surface increases the strain on your ankle and knees considerably

No 1: Nike Men`s Running Shoes

The No 1 on our List is a very comfortable shoes which can be used for running in different surfaces. The design is superb and so is the performance. And you can combine this shoes with your casual wear and it will definitely brighten up your look. 

And once again make sure you take care of the shoes after every long distance running by de odourising it. And wash gently with mild soap water and if there is only dust the wipe it with a clean cloth. Enjoy your Running .

No 2: Asics Men`s Gel-Contend Running Shoes

The No 2 on the list is another awsome running shoe from Asics. Looks sporty and can be used for different types of running surfaces it could be trail running or even running on our tough Indian roads. This shoes last really long if you take care of it well. Make sure you use this well if you are getting into serious running. This shoes is build to enhance your performance.

No 3: Adidas Asweerun Running Shoes

The No 3 on our list is a light weight beauty from adidas designed for track running and tail running. Super sturdy sole but still comfortable enough to absorb impacts caused due to running. These running shoes have amazing anti skid properties. And if you take care of it well then it will take care of your foot too.

No 4: Asics Amplica Running Shoes

The No 4 on our list is a very comfortable running shoe designed for competitive running and sprinting also. When you choose the right fit it compliments your shape of your feet. This is designed for low to medium scale runners and as usual make sure you keep the shoes outside after running to de odorize it and wife it with a clean cloth to remove dust.

Top 3 Running Shoes for Advanced runners

These shoes are for people who are running around above 160km every month. Once you reach this level of competence you can never compromise on shoes ever. You need to choose the most appropriate and the most advanced tech in the market. Here is an attempt to get you the top 3 Running shoes for advanced runners.

No 1: Nike Pegasus 36 Running Shoe

This Shoe Which will be No 1 Running Shoehas one of the best technologies there is in the field of running. Start of by going for a short 3-5km run for a couple of days to break into the shoe. And in a week you will be set for your long distance run. If you are buying this shoe please dont forget to give us your reviews. Happy Running

No 2: Asics Gel Nimbus 21 Women`s Running Shoes

 This No 2 Shoes is reimagined and reengineered to get our women to perform at their best. And the shoes will really beautiful on any runner. Once again the process of breaking into the shoo is the same . Start of with short runs initially and slowly work your way up.

No 3: Nike Pegasus 35 Running Shoes

This Shoe which will be ranked No 3 is built for intermediate and advanced level runners and love the design and comfort. The cushioning it offers to your foot is soft and fits most foot types. Make sure to Maintain the shoes and it will give you a long and comfortable mileage along with super performance

This will conclude our Top 10 Running Shoes for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced level Runners. And now if you are looking for a Suitable Workout Gear Please click on this https://iamyyodha.com/top-fitness-wear-for-women/

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