Top 10 Sports watches

Top 10 Sports Watches in India for September 2020

Top 10 Sports watches

Top 10 Best Sports Watches in India for September 2020

Time waits for no one. This is taught to us early on in life. It is the most valuable and precious thing that any human can spend. And so, as you’re reading this, I hope that you find this article worth your time.
To keep a track of your time, here’s a list of TOP 10 BEST SPORTS WATCHES IN INDIA FOR SEPTEMBER 2020 to suit everyone’s sense of styles, all personalities, and most importantly, one that fits your individuality perfectly. Through this list of top 10 sports watches, you will definitely find the watch that fits your needs just excellently. Because excellence is exactly what one not only deserves, but has to aim and strive to become excellent. Through our curated list, we have kept in mind all sorts of preferences and all unique senses of style. Please take a look below and continue reading to find your companion in the best sports watch of your choice.

Top 3 Sports Watches under Rs. 3000

1. V2A Analogue - Digital Black Dial Sports watch

A simple yet sleek round-dialed (diameter: 54mm) Quartz watch that is surely one of the most functional and stylish at the same time. This analog watch signals classic design and style perfection. Resin straps, harlex mirror etc. are some of its features. It is cost-effective as it is cost-efficient.
Additionally, the brand, V2A is known to deliver high quality design and performance watches.

This is a very pocket friendly piece but by the look of the watch, the purchase price will definitely not be given away to observers. Make the correct impression by being true to your style, if this is what you are looking for in a watch and you will be sure to impress everyone around you with the help of this multifunctional sports watch.

2. Dayllon Military Multifunction Sport Watch

This Multi-function sports watch with a stopwatch, dual-time display, independent alarm, back LED light etc. is a perfect fit for everything outdoors. The soft PU rubber band makes it extremely comfortable to wear on a daily basis. Ranking number 2 on our list, this is extremely pocket friendly as well.

Although it is affordable, it definitely does not give away the fact. In fact, it makes a statement with its features as well as compaction and overall polished look.

Ranking number 2 on our list, this is extremely pocket friendly as well. If this resonates with your choice of a watch, save your time and shop the piece on Amazon right away!

3. SKMEI Analogue - Digital Men's Watch

SKMEI, the brand, is extremely popular as it is multifunctional and creates the most attractively designed watches. This particular one is shock resistant and has an LED display. Definitely a cool feature, in my opinion. Ranked number 3 on our list, it also proves to be a budget friendly watch. 

This sports watch is guaranteed to make impress bystanders. What a uniquely designed piece it is! If you believe it to be stunning as well, make the purchase on Amazon as soon as possible.

Top 3 Sports Watches under Rs. 5000

1. Armitron Sport Men's Digital Chronograph Resin Strap Watch

If you are looking to upgrade your watch collection, this is the one. Armitron Men’s Accented Digital Chronograph Watch is eye catching and a statement piece that can make an effortless accent for all styles there are.

This sports watch is moderately priced but if we go by the looks, observers will most definitely say that it is a highly expensive piece. If you like the overall look of the watch, be sure to check it out on Amazon and you won’t be disappointed. It has multiple features to make the life of any person who is busy, a little simpler. What is an even more astonishing fact is that it is suitable for swimming and snorkeling as well. If you are an adventurous person who is thrill seeking as well, through this sports watch, you will surely make the best decision. Find it on Amazon at all times and find a sporty buddy in all your adventures as well.


2. Fastrack AnalogDigital

Fastrack is an established company with a wide range of sports watches to choose from.

However, this one in particular is unique. The black and orange dial set against the green leather strap will be sure to make an impression with its overall look. An added bonus! It is water resistant as well. The rusty orange calf leather strap with the perfect fitting of a buckle clasp secures the watch as tight as you would want, on your wrist. In my opinion, the overall look of this watch is casual yet modish. And if this description resonates with your style, then you can shop this sports watch on Amazon.

3. U.S. Polo Assn. Sports Analogue Black Dial Watch

This ultra-modern, gleaming, and unique watch definitely steals the show. The design is extremely sophisticated and cool-looking at the same time. The silicone strap watch comes in a metal container. It originally retails for 8,999 rupees but on an offer, you can get it on AMAZON for less than Rs 5000. This one is a classic design with a modern touch to it. The complex disc dial gives it a sturdy look. This particular watch has the ability to be worn with casual as well dressy outfits. It almost catches the essence of the word “professional,” in my imagination. If you think you need a professional- looking yet a classic, timeless piece to fit your sense of style and personality perfectly, this is just the right pick for you. Find it on Amazon at all times.

Top 4 Sports Watches under Rs. 17500

1. HUAWEI Watch GT Sport

This watch serves the purpose of the ultimate sports companion. With the outdoor sports mode feature, a heart rate monitor, a sleep tracker system, a supporting bluetooth system and an assuring battery life up to two weeks, this is cleverly designed keeping all needs of a fitness enthusiast as well any other user in mind. This retails for about 20,000 rupees on Amazon. However, on an offer, it will cost you less than 12,000 rupees ensuring high quality. It is not only a compact watch but is also resilient to any minor or major accidents that might take place during many activities. It is so due to its ceramic bezel design and stainless steel shell. The amoled screen of this sports watch makes it look slim and vibrant. It contains a self-learning algorithm and has built in innovative sensors along with it. It also provides intelligent sleep statistics as it is familiar with all cycles of sleep and the list goes on. If this best suits your athletic style, without a doubt, you must consider buying this sports watch.

2. Fossil Grant Chronograph Watch

This timeless polished black steel watch is classy and fashionable at the same time.

Made up of water resistant mineral glass material, it passes all stability and durability tests. The Roman numerals add a catching aspect to its look. Moreover, Fossil is a top-rated brand with high quality watches. Moreover, it comes with a tin box that makes the watch ready to gift or collect or even receive. The immensely high quality leather is famous for the feel of it. The softness of it only gets better with time. The straps are interchangeable which makes it extremely easy for an individual to experiment through the sports watch with any outfit, mood, or look for the day or multiple days. The mobility as well as longevity of this sports watch is rather, commendable. If this is exactly what you are looking for, do not spend a single more second and get your hands on this timeless, best sports watch right away.

3. Tommy Hilfiger Analog Watch

The silver dial with a gold tone accompanied by three linked stainless steel straps with a fold-over push clasp defines a smart-looking and top quality watch. Tommy Hilfiger is highly recognised for its American classic as well as cool style featuring a diverse and peppy twist of designs. Through this ageless sports watch, the premium agenda of the brand is brought to life. This is sure to suit everyone’s taste in fashion as it will never run out of style. This look is here to stay and if you are looking to make an enduring and long-lasting impression along the way of your journey, you must get your hands on this best sports watch as soon as you can and you will not regret it one bit as it goes well with everything and suits everyone.

4. Garmin Forerunner Rubber Watch

With a built-in wrist-based heart rate and GPS distance tracker, this final top pick is perfect for daily runs, training and exercising. It also counts steps as well as calories. For sports lovers as well as fitness enthusiasts, this would make for their top choice to constantly activate themselves. It is a practical yet multifunctional piece which is also perpetual in nature. You can walk, jog, run and sprint and leave it to your smart sports watch to remind you when to take a break or slow down. You will also receive timely insights and this way, you can keep a track of your progress and also share it with others easily. It also automatically uploads one’s data to Garmin connect where you can constantly take up more challenges to meet your goals and at the same time, it connects you with a community that will keep you on your toes by extensively motivating you. It is slim and lightweight as an additional bonus available easily on Amazon. This will help anyone and everyone to be as comfortable as one can be. If you are looking for a sports watch that will also be your companion in training, this sports watch is the one for you.

This sums up a list of TOP 10 BEST SPORTS WATCHES  IN INDIA FOR SEPTEMBER 2020 categorising them under TOP 3 UNDER INR 3,000, TOP 3 UNDER INR 5,000, and TOP 4 UNDER INR 15,000. 

We hope this was worthwhile and helpful. We also hope you have found a watch that fits your sense of style. Also check out our Blog on Top Body Fat Analysers. Thank you for reading! 

-Article by Janhvi Sharma

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